Our Services

"There are no such things as limits to growth" - Ronald Reagan

We are expanding to serve you better with the launch of our lab services. The aim of this is to support nationwide researchers with access to all forms of life science technology to accelerate growth in their research.

Listed below are all the services currently taken up by us:

• Multiplex Scanning Services for the Quantitative Arrays from Raybiotech Inc.
• Oligo Synthesis
• Monoclonal /Polyclonal Antibody Development
• Antibody Labelling
• Cloning
• Micro-CT Scanning
• Next Generation Sequencing
• Preclinical/Clinical Sample Analysis
• Protein Expression and Purification

**The cost for each service mainly depends on the type and number of samples apart from other factors.

For any queries related to cost of service, sample shipment instructions and to receive any additional information, please write to us at: info@rhetoric.co.in